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60 Quart Boiler / Fryer Set
Product Code: EQFS-60
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      A perfect addition to any commercial kitchen, this 60 qt. boiler/fryer set is sized to fit a variety of foods such as clams, shrimp, fish, or even broiled lobster. Both versatile and practical, you can use this combination set in a restaurant, hotel, or healthcare facility.

      The 3-piece set includes a pot, perforated basket, and a cover. For easy removal of the inset, the basket includes a bail handle to quickly drain water from the foods inside. To get started, fill the reservoir with water or oil, depending on if you're boiling or frying, and then place your food in the perforated basket. After that, you simply put the cover on and cook for the necessary amount of time.

      Durable 3004 aluminum construction provides years of routine commercial use. This long-lasting cookware adds efficiency to your cooking process for a more productive kitchen, while the surface easily wipes clean and will retain its shine.

Categories: Pasta Cookers
Specifications for this item
Height 15 7/8 Inches
Inset Height 11 3/4 Inches
Inset Top Diameter 15 1/2 Inches
Top Diameter 16 3/4 Inches
Brand Name Eqchen
Capacity 60 qt.
Material Type Aluminum
Categories: Pasta Cookers

Includes base, perforated section, and 17 3/4" cover

60 qt. capacity

3004 aluminum construction

Integrated steaming holes

Perfect for pasta, broiled lobster, clams, shrimp, and more

Reinforced handles on sides provide easy transport throughout kitchen

Wipes clean and will retain shine

Categories: Pasta Cookers

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