What is Restaurant Sign?

      Restaurants are far more successful when they effectively use signage to entice potential customers into their locations. Before they see or smell the food, customers are exposed to signage, so it’s absolutely imperative that the right signs are used to bring people in the doors.
      Signage is not only used as outdoor advertising for your restaurant, but it’s also necessary for regulatory signs, including handwashing signage, store hours, restroom signs, and other indoor restaurant signs. We offer excellent signage choices for use as menus, branding and decor, temporary displays and much more.
      Restaurant Sign including many aspects,like tabletop signs, menu signs, advertising signs and boards, informational and compliance signs. We can see everywhere in our daily life.

Some kinds of Restaurant Signs

Tabletop signs: A sign placed on the table to display restaurant specialties or special offers. The design requires clear and beautiful, visual effects, so that customers have the impulse to understand, but also can add some hidden preferential activities, allowing customers to conduct research, enhance reading and so on.

Menu signs: To some extent, it can replace menu, but this is based on the fact that there are not many items in the shop, usually some smaller coffee shops or snack shops will use it. Guests can see the name and price of the dish on the sign, but for some larger or more food stores, this menu indication The signs usually contain information such as "Today's Special", "Special Dishes" and "Discount Activities". In addition, there is another case where the shop directly posts the menu on the sign for the convenience of passers-by.

Advertising signs and boards: As the name suggests, it is some signs for advertising. It's an effect signage solution to highlight dinner specials, featured drinks and desserts, or even upcoming events at your restaurant, bar, pub, ice cream shop, or retail business. This board is an excellent alternative to costly banners or printed materials.
Informational and Compliance signs: A sign used to remind customers, such as signs for toilets, signs for parking, signs for people with disabilities, no smoking signs, etc. The role of the sign is for everyone, no language barriers, easy to understand.

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