Drink Coasters

Bring a touch of refined decor to the table with coasters. Different materials complement various room aesthetics. For instance, a minimalist home office with marble coasters looks equally as nice as a rustic living room with wood coasters. To create a custom look, mix and match individual coasters until you find a combination you love. Start weekend mornings with your favorite cup of coffee in front of the TV or with a newspaper. To avoid any heat marks on the living room coffee table, use a stone or cork coaster to hold any mugs—the coaster’s durable build withstands heat from hot tea or coffee. Prepare for any upcoming parties by stocking the home bar. Apart from basic barware, devote a section on the bar cart for any extras. Place coasters, napkins, and stirrers in a serving tray on the top shelf to easily distribute them when guests arrive. To secure any highball or double old-fashioned glasses, opt for a set of coasters with upturned rims that affix to glasses throughout the evening. In addition to drinkware, safeguard wine bottles from leaving larger rings on a surface with a wine coaster. Pair it with a wine cooler for a complete look.

Drink coaster types

  • Coasters come in a variety of styles and shapes. Probably the most common are paper coasters, these are the ones that you see in a restaurant or bar. Those custom coasters typically have the businesses’ name or logo printed or engraved on them and are typically seen as paper beer coasters for bar glasses. In an upscale restaurant, you may also see coasters made of wood, leather, or stone which is used to keep drinks from creating rings on tabletop services.
  • The second most common type of coaster is wood coasters, typically made of the raw word with someone's name or initials engraved on the top. They typically feature feet or a cork backing to allow them to easily slide on the table without damaging the surface and the wood is porous so they tend to do a good job of absorbing water and keeping your table dry.
  • Some of the coolest coasters are leather coasters. Burned with a laser or hot brand, leather coasters typically are a little more expensive than some other custom coasters, but they are very cool to use in your home bar or living room. There's just not many other coasters that match all look and feel of these stylish coasters.
  • Occasionally you will also see glass coasters, although these types of coasters are not as popular as they used to be because they are not porous. However, they are a fun way to decorate and protect your table.
  • Finally, the most expensive and long-lasting type of coaster is probably a stone coaster. Typically made of granite, marble, or tumbled stone, stone coasters are laser etched and provide the ultimate in luxury. Since all types of stone are porous they also absorb some of the water condensations on your glass so they do not drip like glass coasters or get soggy like paper coasters. These cool coasters stay dry and will last a lifetime as they are custom engraved actually into the stone. The stone and personalization will last forever.

Where to buy drink coasters

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