What is Fryer Pot?

  Great for frying up french fries or chicken fingers, this aluminum fryer pot is a great alternative for kitchens wanting to offer fried food without the expense of a deep fryer. Made from strong, aluminum material, this pot with its riveted handle is able to withstand daily use.

  What are Fryer Pots used for?

  1. Using the principle of different proportions of oil, water and animal oil, all the residues produced in the working process are sunk into water, and animal oil is sunk into the lower layer of vegetable oil, which fundamentally solves the problem of carcinogens caused by acidification and carbonization of frying oil in traditional fryers, animal oil, and repeated frying.

  2. Special technology makes the residue and animal grease leave the working layer, and central heating can effectively control the connection between upper and lower oil layers, so as to ensure the purity of all kinds of oil layers. The fried food is not only full of color, fragrance, clean and beautiful appearance (without black spots) but also improves product quality and prolongs shelf life.

  3. This product solves the problem of excessive oil volatilization caused by overheating and drying of traditional frying machine. Oil-water mixing technology makes the water below the reservoir produce a small amount of steam continuously, and permeates into the reservoir to supplement the water to the frying oil, so as to inhibit the oil from not volatilizing too much; the central heating technology can control the temperature of the upper and lower parts of the frying oil at will according to the need, effectively alleviate the oxidation degree of the frying oil and inhibit the generation of acid medium, thus prolonging the production of the frying oil. The use cycle of frying oil can reduce waste, save more than 50% of oil than traditional fryers, and reduce air pollution so that operators can avoid the suffering of smoke and fire.

  4. The technology can control the temperature in different zones and make scientific use of the proportional relationship between vegetable oil and animal oil so that the animal oil leached from fried food can naturally sink into the lower layer of vegetable oil. In this way, the working oil in the upper and middle layer can be kept pure all the time, and all kinds of food can be fried at the same time.

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7 Quart Aluminum Fryer Pot
7 Quart Aluminum Fryer Pot
0.00″W x 0.00″D x 0.00″H
     Create delicious crispy fried foods with the help of this 7 qt. aluminum fryer p..
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