What is the Pasta Cooker?

This pasta cooker is constructed with durable stainless steel and features a sandwich-clad bottom that raises the inner basket off the bottom to prevent food from sticking. This pasta cooker ships complete with a flat cover that helps retain moisture while cooking and also helps to capture heat, resulting in more efficient cooking. Add it to your commercial kitchen to start creating more pasta dishes for your guests with ease.

What are Pasta Cookers used for?

Faster pasta

With pasta as popular as it is in this country, it shouldn’t take you by surprised if you find yourself inundated with orders for it. To keep your customers both happy and their bellies full, you’re going to need a device that can turn over orders as quickly as possible. That’s just not possible on a commercial scale with a traditional pot and pan, but with a commercial pasta cooker, it’s a different story. This is because the commercial kitchen equipment uses gas heat or electric elements to boil water at lightning speed, with the ability to cook quality pasta to an optimum level each and every time.

Go Bold or go home

Commercial kitchen equipment and pasta cookers are exactly what you need. Blessed with power and a great productivity output, these streamlined models will fit seamlessly into any kitchen, regardless of space. Additionally, the WebKitchenStore each come with an industry standard depth, so your kitchen will be able to cope with even the biggest of demands from worldwide pasta lovers.

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6 1/2 x 7 Stainless Steel Pasta/Blanching Basket
6 1/2" x 7" Stainless Steel Pasta/Blanching Basket
0.00″W x 0.00″D x 0.00″H
     Perfect for your restaurant, cafeteria, or other commercial kitchen environments..
60 Quart Boiler / Fryer Set
60 Quart Boiler / Fryer Set
0.00″W x 0.00″D x 0.00″H
      A perfect addition to any commercial kitchen, this 60 qt. boiler/fryer set is s..
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