What is Countertop Gas Range?

  A commercial gas range may have a cooktop with burners, a griddle, a hot top, a French top, or a charbroiler, and many have a combination of more than one of these. A 36" commercial gas range will fit most restaurants, and we also offer 24" ranges for space-limited kitchens.

  What are Countertop Gas Ranges used for?

  The range is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment in a commercial kitchen, with the ability to fry, grill, broil, saute, boil, braise, simmer, warm and even bake!

  Why choose WebKitchenStore to buy Countertop Gas Ranges for Commercial Kitchen?

【QUALITY WARRANTY】Our products are all certified in the United States, we provide 24 hours / 7 days Customer Service and 1-year prompt responses onsite services including parts & labor.  When your product has broken, we will perform “maintenance staff on-site service” within 48 hours. Make sure every item we sold in integral and have the good working condition

【POWERFUL AND EFFICIENT DESIGN】25,000 BTU cast burners provide stable fire for your cooking and sauteing performance to meet your restaurant's high demand. The heavy-duty cast iron grates are oriented in a flat alignment so that you can easily slide pots and pans from one burner to the next without worrying about spills, this design not only protects the burners against clogs resulting from overflow but also saves you precious cooking time

【INDEPENDENT CONTROLS】This unit have 2 independent controls to allow you to effectively choose when each burner is in use, the individual controls make it easy to adjust temperatures and with ON/OFF control provide an added measure of precision. You can create soups, stews, sauces, and other high demand foods by our products to meet your different needs (This unit ships ready for a liquid propane connection, but can be converted to accept natural gas)

【RELIABLE AND SAVE SPACE】 Our products have a countertop design with 2 heavy cast iron grates. These heavy cast iron grates do not only have the strong bearing performance to support the weight of your large pot but also can be removed for easy cleaning. This unit allows placement on top of existing work tables and chef bases, ensuring that your space is maximized to its full potential

【REMOVABLE AND ADJUSTABLE】A removable full-width waste tray are located inside the unit to help properly collect excess oil and food debris after it drains from the grates and allow for easier maneuvering and cleaning. With adjustable feet allow you to customize your burner countertop to you to best fit your needs and accommodate the space in your kitchen
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