What is table skirting?

Table skirting is just as the name implies—a skirt for a table. Table skirts consist of two components: the cloth table topper and a skirt that fastens to the table edge with clips, Velcro or snaps. Standard tablecloths are not sufficient for over-sized banquet tables—they shift, wrinkle and are rarely a proper fit. There is a table skirting solution for any table and occasion. Various table skirting designs are suitable for wedding receptions, business conferences or holiday celebrations. Learn about the different kinds of table skirting and make your upcoming event a stylish affair.

Why need table skirting/ the importance of table skirting

1. One of the biggest advantages of using table skirting is that it gives you an opportunity to hide many unnecessary things right under the table without anyone ever getting to see them.

2. Another benefit is that it greatly improves the look of the table.

3. When using it for a dining table at a restaurant or at home, there are chances of food or drinks falling while the guests eat their meals. A table skirt will help protect your table from any potential damage because of this.

How to choose table skirting/ table skirting types

1. Polyester- This is a relatively inexpensive skirt and is made synthetically. The biggest advantage with this type of skirt is that it doesn’t absorb liquids which makes it a great choice if you have children eating at the table regularly.

2. Plastic- This is another cheap fabric that you could consider and it has a really long life as well. You don’t have to worry about your skirting digging a hole in your pocket with this fabric.

3. Linen- This is an extremely stretchable and flexible fabric. This means that even if your skirt isn’t the proper size for your table, you will still be able to stretch it and pull it all the way to the corners in order to compensate for the size difference.

4. Fitted- This type of skirting is never available readymade. What is going to happen here is that you will have to buy some fabric and then get a tailor to make it so that it fits your table exactly.

5. Pleated- This type of table skirt employs multiple fabrics where one type is used for covering the table and the other is used for covering the first fabric.

6. Covers- They are quite flexible when you can to think about it and are mainly used for covering your table. It is flat and firm which means that once you fit it, it is not going to shift as skirts do.?

Where to buy table skirting?

You can search on the Internet and find the nearest store around you or shop online.

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