Why do you need Linens & Table Covers

By using the proper table coverings in your restaurant, you’ll provide your guests with a more comfortable and welcoming environment. They’ll also make cleanup easier and faster at the end of the day. Table linens are appropriate for every occasion, from casual placemats for everyday meals to elegant linen tablecloths that can fancy-up your house for your next dinner party. It is easy to curate table linens for every occasion and will set the mood for any form of entertaining. The wide selection of table linens gives each person an opportunity to choose their own style, but the options can leave you feeling a little overwhelmed. The sheer volume of table linen sizes, shapes, colors, and textures is enough to overwhelm even the most seasoned entertaining enthusiasts. The right table linens will not only accent your existing décor, but they can even help to bring out the rich colors from your dinnerware and creative recipes.

Linens & Table Covers Types

Tablecloths are made in many different shapes and styles to fit the wide array of table designs. You can find square, rectangular, and circular tablecloths that will work well on everything from elegant dining tables to portable card tables. A standard table that sits four to six people is generally 28” x 28” or 40” x 40” and should be paired with a 52” x 70” tablecloth. Conceal the table legs with a draping tablecloth of any styles. For the traditionalists, there are plenty of ornate patterns and shapes that will help give your table the romantic feel of the old world. For dressed down occasions and weekend brunches, pair light splashes of color with fun off-the-beaten-path designs. Contemporary design is captured by the timeless elegance and simplicity of white and cream linens.

Upgrade your dining decor with tablecloths, as well as cloth napkins. Disposable napkins are not only an environmental waste, but they are also scratchy and can tear easily. Cloth napkins are woven from soft fabrics, from cotton to linen, and can be easily washed with your other linens. There is little variation in shape and size when it comes to cloth napkins; however, the biggest difference is in the type of fabric and the woven quality. For a simple and natural look, pair your meal with soft linens that are soft, absorbent, and long-lasting. You can use expensive linen as your entertaining napkins while pairing nightly dinners with cotton or synthetic blends.

Where to buy Linens & Table Covers?

You can search on the Internet and find the nearest store around you or shop online.

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