What are condiment holders?

Condiment holders are any holder that stores condiments so that they are ready to go for the customer. From butter dishes to multi-compartment holders for olives and sliced onions, keep your condiments safe and sanitary for your guests. Condiment holders include everything from slots and trays for holding packets of ketchup and mayonnaise to elaborate glass or acrylic relish and mustard jars with dedicated spoons and lids. 

Condiment holders can turn a messy table into a well-ordered canvas against which your dishes can pop.

What are condiment dispensers?

Commercial condiment dispensers are a part of every food service organization. Be it a concession stand, food court, restaurant or bar, you will need several types of condiment dispensers to help organize and dispense condiments, sauces, garnishes and condiment packets to your customers. For bars and food stations, we carry condiment pump dispensers, condiment bins, condiment dispensers, replacement bins, and condiment pump accessories. For coffee, stations shop our selection of coffee condiment organizers in many styles and configurations. By outfitting your establishment with the proper condiment containers, guests can simply help themselves instead of asking your servers to retrieve items for them. 

WebKitchenStore condiment holders and dispensers types

Condiment holders mainly include coffee condiment organizers, condiment bins, condiment caddies and racks, condiment jars and jar holders, countertop condiment bars and condiment holders, countertop condiment holders parts and accessories, sugar caddies, butter dishes/servers and so on.

Condiment dispensers mainly include cheese shakers, sugar shakers and dredges, gravy and sauce boats, oil and vinegar cruets, pump condiment dispensers, squeeze bottles, salt and pepper shakers and mills, disposable salt and pepper shakers and so on.

Where to buy tabletop accessories?

You can search on the Internet and find the nearest store around you or shop online.

Why choose WebKitchenStore to buy tabletop accessories?

As a professional manufacturer of commercial kitchen equipment, WebKitchenStore keeps improving the quality of products and services in accordance with the concept to safeguard the security and healthiness of catering service to better satisfy the customer’s needs and demands. 

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