Why do you need sugar caddies?

Keep your sugar packets neat and tidy by using a sugar pack holder, or sugar caddy. These products eliminate the guesswork when it comes to storing sugar packets on the tabletop. Just slip them into these compartmentalized sugar holders to create more table space and a cleaner, more organized look overall. Sugar packets have a habit of scattering across the tabletop whenever they have the opportunity. The little packets require a container to keep them in line. Try one of these sugar packet holders to keep your sugar packets organized and clean.

Choose from plastic or metal tub-shaped sugar packet holders or wire sugar packet caddies. Often the plastic tub-shaped holders will simply hold all the packets together, regardless of brand name or packet color. The caddies, however, will often have two compartments, perfect for organizing more than one type of packet into the same caddy.

Using a sugar caddy like this makes it easy to move the packets out of the way to clean the table, or even take the sugar away completely until coffee is served. Consider your operation and choose sugar caddies that best fit your atmosphere, concept and service style. Many have a wire handle on top making them much easier to transport, so they can be brought to the table for dessert or coffee service, and removed again before the next party sits down, depending on the restaurant’s style of service.

In addition to holding sugar and sweetener packets, this sugar caddy is great for holding creamer packets alongside coffee or tea, or for holding salt and pepper packets for quick and easy seasoning "on the go." Use it to store tea bags at self-serve stations or on your hotel room amenity trays, or take it to the office to store paper clips, tacks, and other small objects. The spacious caddy keeps items organized in a simple, no-frills fashion.

Where to buy commercial sugar caddies?

You can search on the Internet and find the nearest store around you or shop online.

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