Sake is a type of alcohol that changes in taste depending on the type of sake cup used to drink it in. Similar to a wine glass for wine or a beer jug for beer, sake also has a cup especially used to drink it in. There are many different kinds of cups, and it also varies in taste depending on the type of cup used.

Serve your customers' delicious Japanese wine and other beverages with a sake bottle. Our selection of cups and bottles are offered in various sizes and capacities that are perfect for any low- or high-volume establishment. These products are made from materials that retain the warmth or coolness of your drinks, so you don’t have to worry about beverages changing their temperature. Most of these containers can be used in your dishwasher, so you can clean them quickly after a lunch or dinner service. Ideal for sushi bars and Japanese restaurants, our selection of white sake bottles and cups provides you with a sleek beverage serving solution.

Types of Sake Cups

  • An ochoko is a very small cup that can contain enough sake for a single sip. Since ochoko cups are designed to be very small, the sake often spills out of the cup when poured from the bottle. To avoid this, “Tokuri” which is a sake bottle that is used to store the sake from the bottle sold at the store, is used in a similar way a pitcher is used, making it easier to pour and drink sake while at the table. Approximately 1 go (around 180 ml) to 2 go (around 360 ml) is poured in the tokuri, and every time the ochoko cup goes empty, sake is poured from the Tokuri bottle. Since the Ochoko cup is very small, it is less likely that the sake’s taste changes due to the cup, and as long as it is the same size, you can enjoy a consistent taste.
  • Guinomi is much deeper in depth, and it has a bigger size compared to an Ochoko. There aren’t strict rules in size, but it is typically bigger than a small ochoko cup and smaller than a Japanese teacup. The size is comparatively on the bigger side, so rather than filling in a Tokuri to use as a pitcher, sake is often poured straight from the bottle. This is why it is often enjoyed when drinking “Reishu” or “HIyazake (normal temperature sake)”.
  • Sakazuki has a similar shape to a lacquerware dish, and it is often used in events and religious rituals such as new years and wedding ceremonies. However, it doesn’t mean it cannot be used on a daily basis. When using a Sakazuki, a Choushi which looks like a small kettle is used as a pitcher. The sake is then poured from the Choushi into the Sakazuki. The same with a Tokuri, you may enjoy drinking “Reishu” and “Atsukan” with these. It is also easier to carry around if you will be drinking atsukan as it has a handle.
  • Masu is a square wooden box container used to drink sake. The container can be used as a cup when drinking sake, but another cup can be put inside the masu, and sake can be drunk from there. What may be a little different from the others is that sake is filled in the cup to the rim of the inner cup, even to the point where the sake pours out to the masu. This is called the “Mokkiri” style of drinking. Another way of using Masu to drink sake is called “Mossari”. The first thing you do in this method of drinking is you drink sake off of the cup, then you pour the sake inside the Masu to the cup. Once the cup fills up and soaks in sake, take a towel to wipe off the sake and clean it. This way of drinking is usually used in “Reishu” or “Hiyazake”.
  • Drinking sake with a champagne glass is not a common practice in Japan, but with the recent introduction of sparkling sake, these can be enjoyed with champagne glasses. The soda content in champagne and sparkling sake are quite similar. Why don’t you try drinking sparkling sake when you want to change up your usual glass of champagne.
  • Of course, sake is versatile enough to be enjoyed with your standard drinking cups. Even in Japan, frequent drinkers of sake would take a normal cup and fill it up rather than using an Ochoko or a Guinomi.

Where to buy Sake Cups and Bottles? 

You can search on the Internet and find the nearest store around you or shop online.

Why choose WebKitchenStore to buy Sake Cups and Bottles? 

As a professional manufacturer of commercial kitchen equipment, WebKitchenStore keeps improving the quality of products and services in accordance with the concept to safeguard the security and healthiness of catering service to better satisfy the customer’s needs and demands. With an array of colors available, it’s effortless to find the sake bottle and cups to match the appearance of your establishment. Some of these containers feature a textured surface, giving employees and guests a better grip on the bottle. Sake bottles and cups are also offered in various sizes and capacities that will meet the demands of any business. Since our selection of sake bottles has slender and stylish designs, they can also be used as a bud vase on your restaurant’s tables.

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2 oz. Cold Sake Glass - 24/Case
2 oz. Cold Sake Glass - 24/Case
2.00″W x 2.00″D x 2.50″H
Perfect for serving sake at your restaurant, hotel, or sushi bar, these cups add a cultural element ..
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