Perfect for catered events, bars, and restaurants, metal beverageware adds visual interest to your beverage service. Whether you’re looking for classic Moscow mule mugs, mint julep cups, or you simply want to bring some shine to your custom cocktails, this beverageware is perfect for you. Choose from options with polished finishes for an eye-catching sheen, brushed beverageware for a more subtle look, or hammered options for an appealing texture. We carry metal beverageware in a variety of types, so you can serve anything from champagne to beer.

Metal Beverageware Types

  • Metal Flute Glasses. Slender flute glasses are perfect for serving champagne and other sparkling beverages.
  • Metal Beer Glasses. The metal construction of these beer glasses helps to keep your customers’ brews cold.
  • Metal Cans. These cans mimic the look of soda, beer, and milk cans for a fun presentation.
  • Metal Cups. These cups have tall sides that are great for holding soft drinks, punches, and frozen cocktails.
  • Metal Martini Glasses. Serve martinis, cosmopolitans, and more in these contemporary metal martini glasses.
  • Metal Mugs. Great for Moscow mules or your own creations, metal mugs bring a vintage look to your beverage service.
  • Metal Shot Glasses. Add a unique touch to your liquor service with these eye-catching metal shot glasses.
  • Metal Tumblers. Great for soft drinks and cocktails alike, metal tumblers are a versatile choice that brings shine to your tables.
  • Metal Goblets. Use these goblets to serve water, wine, or mixed drinks with a striking presentation.

Where to buy Metal Beverageware?

You can search on the Internet and find the nearest store around you or shop online.

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