What is a charger plate?

A charger plate is a large, decorative base setting for which other dinnerware is placed on top of during formal occasions such as catered events, weddings, upscale parties, banquets, or in fine dining restaurants. Also known as service plates, under plates, or chop plates, charger plates are merely decorative and are not meant to come in direct contact with food. Charger plates provide an elegant way to serve multiple course meals, where each course is served in its own separate bowl or plate, and placed on top of the charger. Charger plates are available in a variety of colors, materials, lengths/diameters, and shapes for you to choose from to match the decor, mood, and style of your particular event. Chargers are used in multiple course meals as an elegant way to serve salad plates, soup bowls, and main dinner entrees in order to create unique presentations for guests.

Charger Plated Features

When it comes to picking the right charger plate for your dining area, there are a few common features to consider:

Environmentally friendly: These charger plates were produced using sustainable materials.

Oven Safe: Charger plates that are oven safe can be safely warmed in the oven without causing the materials to crack, warp, or melt.

Microwaveable: For a quicker warming solution, these charger plates are able to be microwaved before use.

Dishwasher Safe: Opt for dishwasher safe charger plates for faster clean-up at the end of service.

How to use charger plates

1. Choose a charger plate that will help complement the décor of your dining table, and add visual interest to your event’s overall feel. Take into consideration the type of plates, bowls, beverage glasses, flatware, serving platters, and linens you plan to use, and then choose a charger that will balance those styles. Don’t forget about the tablecloth, fabric overlays, floral arrangements, and centerpieces that will be placed directly beside the charger plates.

2. Place a charger at each guest’s corresponding place setting. Set it on top of the tablecloth or placemat, in between the arranged flatware, and below the beverage glasses. Chargers should be two feet from one another to give guests enough elbow room.

3. Align menu cards, napkins with napkin rings, or name cards in the middle of the charger plate for use before the dinner service.

4. When guests are ready to be served, soup bowls, salad plates, and dinner entrees are then placed directly on top of the charger.

5. After each course, charger plates should be wiped clean or replaced to maintain the purity of the table.

Where to buy charger plates?

You can search on the Internet and find the nearest store around you or shop online.

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