What are bento boxes?

Basically, a bento box is a convenient lunch box. Come to Japan for any length of time, you will no doubt have the pleasure of trying one. You will find bento boxes in all shapes, sizes, prices, and for all appetites, and you can find them basically anywhere in Japan. All of the Japanese convenience stores will have a selection of bento boxes for decent prices, and you will likely see people eating homemade bento boxes at lunchtime. There are also bento boxes available now in many restaurants, where you can eat them there or take them away.

Bento boxes are a tradition, a necessity, and a way of enjoying food that looks ridiculously pretty and is easy to eat on the go. Bento boxes also tend to be very healthy, usually containing many different foods such as fruits, vegetables, meat, rice, and fish. The bento box has a long history in Japan, and although modern times have encouraged some weird and wonderful bento inventions and designs, the bento box as a concept has been around for centuries.

The first verified historical record of a bento-style lunch in Japan was during the Kamakura Period from 1185 to 1333. During this period, a process of cooking rice and then storing it and eating it later became popular among the people of Japan. The rice was often stored in traditional lacquer boxes and kept to eat later. This process came about as it was very convenient and allowed people to eat whilst working or traveling. The word bento literally means ‘convenient’. The reason for this word to describe this type of lunch box is because it is usually nicely packaged and easy to eat on your lap or on a trip. The food is usually bitesize and doesn’t need to be heated up, and it is usually tightly packed into small boxes which are easy to carry around! However, the word convenient doesn’t necessarily apply to the way in which it is usually made. Bento boxes do take a bit of time and skill to make properly, and unless you get used to it, it might not be worth the effort when you can just buy something from a convenience store! A typical bento box has several different things, including rice, fish or meat, eggs, vegetables, pickled foods, and sometimes fruit. Modern bento boxes have tried to offer a bit of variety, and some now contain sandwiches, sweet desserts and yogurts, salads, and fried potatoes.

Where to buy bento boxes?

You can search on the Internet and find the nearest store around you or shop online.

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