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4 ft. Gas Line For Stove, Eqchen 48" Gas Flex Line, 3/4"
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4 ft. Gas Line For Stove, Eqchen 48" Gas Flex Line, 3/4"

Connect your gas equipment safely and securely with this Eqchen 48" mobile gas hose.

Having a good quality gas hose, and the right hose for your application can mean the difference between a kitchen that keeps up with orders and a major safety hazard, so it's important to replace a damaged hose immediately and to also consider how you will be using your equipment before choosing a new hose. This Eqchen 48" gas connector is the perfect answer, delivering quality you can depend on.

For Caster-Mounted Equipment

This hose is made from stainless steel corrugated tubing to provide strength and flexibility, while a stainless steel braid keeps the hose from stretching and makes it suitable for applications where the equipment is mounted on casters and will be moved on a regular basis for cleaning and maintenance.

48" long, 3/4" Diameter

This hose measures 48" long with 3/4" diameter fittings that make it easy to connect to both the gas line and your equipment.

360 Degree Fittings

To aid with mobility this hose features a 360 degree rotational fitting design that prevents it from twisting or kinking.

Orange PVC Coating

The durable PVC coating seals the hose and helps to keep grease and dirt from accumulating on it.

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Usage Indoor
Specifications for this item
Diameter 3/4 Inches
Type Mobile Gas Hoses
Length 48 Inches

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