What is 2/3 Size Steam Table Pan / Hotel Pan? 

The standard size of 2/3 Size Steam Table Pan / Hotel Pan is about 13-3/4 by 12-3/4 inches.

2/3 Size Steam Table Pans / Hotel Pans are available in various depths, such as 2 1/2, 4, 6, and 8 inches deep. They are sometimes identified by their depth, with a “200” meaning a 2-inch deep pan, a 400 meaning 4 inches deep, and so on. This practice stems from the original manufacturing practice of identifying stock sizes by these numbers.

As to why these pans are called steam table pans or hotel pans, the name probably came from long ago, when hotel owners would serve their guest dinners at designated times, and everyone would eat at once, requiring the use of large pans for serving. Many hotel chefs served food in chafing dishes, as well.

2/3 Size Steam Table Pan Sizes

2/3 Size Pan13-7/8″ X 12-3/4″ X 2-1/2″
13-7/8″ X 12-3/4″ X 4″
13-7/8″ X 12-3/4″ X 6″

1/3 Size Steam Table Pans or Hotel Pans

2/3 Size Steam Table Pan Capacities

The following table provides the capacity in quarts of common steam table pan sizes and depths. Note that capacities are approximate and meant to represent 80 percent of a pan's brimful capacity.

2/3 Size Steam Table Pan Capacities

2/3 Size Pan5.6 quarts
9.3 quarts
14 quarts

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