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Winco MDL-4P Plastic Mandoline Slicer Set with Built In Blade
Product Code: MDL-4P
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The Winco MDL-4P is a plastic mandoline slicer set. This mandoline slicer features built-in julienne blades, and also includes a reversible slice and serrated blade. There is a 4 setting rotary adjustment dial to select slice thickness. The mandoline set also includes a non-slip grip for comfortable cutting as well as a non-skid folding stand for convenient storage.

Standard Features

  • Mandoline slicer set
  • 14-5/8" x 4-13/16"
  • 4-Setting rotary adjustment dial (Reversible slice, Serrated, and (2) julienne blades)
  • Non-Slip handguard
  • Non-Skid folding stand
  • Plastic frame
  • Mandoline Slicer Set
  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Black
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Rotary Adjustment Dial
Condition New
Manufacturer Winco

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