What is a stainless steel work table?

The work table is one of the most used pieces of equipment in the kitchen. Commercial stainless steel work tables need to be incredibly durable because they are the stations where food is prepared and equipment is kept. They are sure to withstand constant use in your high-volume restaurant, bakery, cafeteria, or dining hall. Work tables come with a number of different options for their work surface. Generally, the most common worktop is made of stainless steel, as it is easy to clean, durable, and strong. All WebKitchenStore work tables come with optional under shelves for storage. It also can be adjusted to the desired height.

Our selection of commercial prep tables includes products of various sizes to fit in your compact concession stand or large cafeteria kitchen. You can also find stainless steel commercial tables with cabinets or shelves underneath for storing prep tools, small appliances, dinnerware, ingredients, and other supplies. 

Differences Between Work Tables And Equipment Stands

Work Tables vs. Equipment Stands:  Though at first glance they may look similar, there are significant differences between work tables and equipment stands.

  • Height – The first noticeable difference between a work table and an equipment stand is the height.  Work tables, on average, stand about 10”-15” taller than equipment stands.  The worktop of commercial kitchen work tables traditionally rests at about 36” high, an ideal height for cooks to work.  The top of equipment stands rest significantly lower to accommodate for the height of equipment resting on them.  For example, a 24” high equipment stand holding a 16” tall charbroiler would have a working height of 40”; a perfect level for working cooks. 
  • Weight Capacity – Equipment stands generally have a significantly higher weight capacity than commercial work tables.  Many of the commercial pieces intended to rest on equipment stands can get rather heavy, especially items such as convection ovens, griddles, and charbroilers.  Certain work tables with shelving or custom units can have higher weight capacities, but since they are intended to act as a food prep surface, they usually don’t require weight capacities exceeding 300-400 lbs.
  • Upturned Edges – Equipment stands have what are known as “upturned edges”.  This means that the edges of each equipment stand are bent upward, rather than downward, to prevent equipment from sliding off the edge of the stand.  Heavy pieces can move and depend on how they are moved and could be seriously damaged even from a small fall to the ground.  Though some work tables come with a backsplash so they can be placed up against a wall, most work tables have rolled under edges to give cooks access to a table from all sides. 

Where to buy commercial stainless steel work table?

You can search on the Internet and find the nearest store around you or shop online.

Why choose WebKitchenStore to buy commercial stainless steel work table?

As a professional manufacturer of commercial kitchen equipment, WebKitchenStore keeps improving the quality of products and services in accordance with the concept to safeguard the security and healthiness of catering service to better satisfy the customer’s needs and demands.