Commercial mixers and accessories make it easier to mix batter and dough for cookies, bread, and even pizza crust.  WebKitchenStore mainly provides 3 different types of commercial mixers, countertop mixers which small enough to fit on your countertop, these mixers are ideal for light-duty use in small kitchens; floor mixer which is perfect for high-volume establishments that need to make large quantities of batter or dough; stand mixers have a slightly larger capacity than countertop models. 

What is a commerical mixer?

The first baking mixer was a standing mixer invented by Herbert Johnson, an American engineer for the Hobart Manufacturing Company. The inspiration struck after Johnson watched a baker work laboriously on mixing bread dough with a metal spoon. By 1915, Hobart sold 80-quart mixers to professional bakers.

In 1919, Hobart introduced the first 5-quart countertop stand mixers called KitchenAid that weighed 65 pounds and sold at a steep price. In 1936, designer Egmont Ahrens redesigned the KitchenAid mixer into its lighter and iconic Streamline shape which also made it much more affordable to the masses.

Basically, WebKitchenStore provides different sizes of stand mixer and slicers from 10 quarts to 30 quarts. 

Stand mixers are incredibly beneficial for busy cooks who need an extra set of hands in the kitchen, as you can simply put the item that you need to mix into the bowl of the stand mixer and then walk away while it mixes for you. They are significantly more expensive than hand mixers, they will likely last for years before having any problems.

Another benefit of a stand mixer is that you do not have to worry about how evenly your ingredients are incorporated. That’s because the stand mixer will turn the beater so that every bit of your dry and wet ingredients are thoroughly mixed together. You can choose different speeds. By choosing from a number of different attachments, you can make sure that your ingredients are mixed together perfectly. You can choose from a dough hook, a balloon whisk, and paddle. Unfortunately, in addition to being very expensive, stand mixers are quite difficult to move it from one location to another whenever you need to use them. People who use their stand mixers a lot like to have them out on the counter so that they are easily accessible, but this does require a fair amount of space and will decrease useable space on your countertops.

WebKitchenStore all-purpose mixers use a planetary mixing action that consistently blends, mixes and aerates any ingredients with outstanding results. The heat treated carbon steel gears deliver energy at three pre-selected fixed speeds. Each mixer comes standard with a stainless steel bowl, flat beater, spiral dough hook, and wire whip for the versatility to prepare a wide variety of recipes including pizza dough, cake batter, whipped potatoes, eggs, cream, cookies, brownies, bread, crust, and more. The stainless steel wire front bowl guard opens easily for adding ingredients and an integrated bowl guard magnetic lock prevents the mixer from running if the guard is opened or the bowl is lowered for safety. 

Commercial construction is perfect for daily use in restaurants, bakeries, pizza shops, delis, or your home!