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Beverage Air UCRD119AHC-8 119" Four-Section 8 Drawer Undercounter Refrigerator - 52 Cu. Ft.
Product Code: UCRD119AHC-8
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Beverage-Air is a leading domestic manufacturer of commercial refrigeration solutions, with a vast product offering including over 1,000 unique models across 31 product series and 10 product categories. Manufactured in Brookville, Pennsylvania & headquartered in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Beverage-Air is committed to producing American made equipment for the foodservice market.Founded in 1944, Beverage-Air was acquired by the Ali Group, one of the largest and most diversified global leaders in the foodservice and equipment industry, in 2008. Today, the Ali Group employs more than 10,000 people in 30 countries and operates 59 manufacturing facilities worldwide. Often times, second and third generation employees work side by side to drive innovative thinking and quality manufacturing.Their expansive product offering allows them to meet any operator's refrigeration need whether it be front of the house, back of the house, food preparation or point of sale merchandising. With seemingly unlimited customizable options, award winning design innovation and unparalleled customer commitment, Beverage-Air continues to be a trusted partner in the food service industry. Whether it's national accounts, high-end restaurants or small operations, Beverage-Air has a solution for any food service application.

Standard Features

  • Undercounter Refrigerator
  • Four-Section
  • 119"W
  • 52.5 Cu. Ft.
  • (8) Drawers
  • Stainless Steel Exterior Front
  • Sides & Top
  • Aluminum Interior
  • Side-Mounted Self-Contained Refrigeration
  • R290 Hydrocarbon Refrigerant
  • 1/3 HP
  • cULus
  • UL EPH Classified
  • UL-Sanitation
  • Made In USA‚Äã‚Äã‚Äå‚Äå‚Äã‚Äå‚Äã‚Äç‚Äã‚Äã‚Äå‚Äã‚Äã‚Äã‚Äç‚Äã‚Äã‚Äå‚Äã‚Äã‚Äå‚Äç‚Äã‚Äã‚Äã‚Äå‚Äå‚Äã‚Äç‚Äã‚Äã‚Äã‚Äå‚Äå‚Äå‚Äç‚Äã‚Äã‚Äå‚Äå‚Äå‚Äã‚Äç‚Äã‚Äã‚Äå‚Äå‚Äã‚Äå‚Äç‚Äã‚Äã‚Äå‚Äå‚Äã‚Äå‚Äç‚Äã‚Äå‚Äã‚Äã‚Äå‚Äã‚Äç‚Äã‚Äã‚Äå‚Äå‚Äã‚Äå‚Äç‚Äã‚Äã‚Äå‚Äå‚Äå‚Äå‚Äç‚Äã‚Äã‚Äå‚Äã‚Äå‚Äå‚Äç‚Äã‚Äã‚Äå‚Äã‚Äå‚Äã‚Äç‚Äã‚Äå‚Äã‚Äã‚Äå‚Äã‚Äç‚Äã‚Äã‚Äå‚Äã‚Äå‚Äå‚Äç‚Äã‚Äã‚Äå‚Äå‚Äã‚Äå‚Äå‚Äç‚Äã‚Äã‚Äå‚Äå‚Äå‚Äã‚Äç‚Äã‚Äã‚Äå‚Äå‚Äã‚Äå‚Äå‚Äç‚Äã‚Äå‚Äã‚Äã‚Äå‚Äã‚Äç‚Äã‚Äã‚Äå‚Äå‚Äå‚Äå‚Äã‚Äç‚Äã‚Äã‚Äã‚Äå‚Äå‚Äã‚Äç‚Äã‚Äã‚Äå‚Äã‚Äå‚Äã‚Äç‚Äã‚Äã‚Äå‚Äå‚Äå‚Äå‚Äã‚Äç‚Äã‚Äå‚Äã‚Äã‚Äå‚Äã‚Äç‚Äã‚Äã‚Äå‚Äå‚Äã‚Äå‚Äå‚Äç‚Äã‚Äã‚Äå‚Äå‚Äã‚Äå‚Äå‚Äç‚Äã‚Äã‚Äã‚Äå‚Äå‚Äå‚Äç‚Äã‚Äã‚Äå‚Äå‚Äã‚Äå‚Äã‚Äç‚Äã‚Äã‚Äå‚Äã‚Äå‚Äå‚Äç‚Äã‚Äã‚Äå‚Äå‚Äå‚Äã‚Äç‚Äã‚Äã‚Äå‚Äå‚Äã‚Äã‚Äå‚Äç‚Äã‚Äã‚Äå‚Äã‚Äã‚Äå‚Äç‚Äã‚Äã‚Äå‚Äå‚Äã‚Äã‚Äç‚Äã‚Äã‚Äå‚Äã‚Äã‚Äã‚Äç‚Äã‚Äã‚Äå‚Äå‚Äã‚Äã‚Äç‚Äã‚Äã‚Äå‚Äå‚Äã‚Äå‚Äå
  • SS Front, Sides, Top & Drawers
  • Full Electronic Control
  • Magnetic Drawers
  • 6" Casters, 3 w/ Brakes
cULus, UL EPH, UL, Made in USA
Approval cULus, UL EPH, UL, Made in USA
Condition New
Depth (in.) 32
Door Material Type Drawers
Exterior Material Stainless Steel & Galvanized Steel
Height (in.) 34
Horsepower 1/3 HP
Length (in.) 119.00
Manufacturer Beverage Air
Number of Sections 4 Sections or more

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