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10 Burner Gas Stove, 60'' Natural Gas Range
Product Code: EQ-60R-10B(NG)-2O
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Boost your kitchen's efficiency, reliability, and overall performance with this Eqchen EQ-60R-10B-2O gas range! This natural gas range boasts (10) 30,000 BTU open top burners to deliver the impressive cooking performance you demand. The independently-controlled burners mean you can simultaneously execute a wide variety of tasks while their 12" x 12" heavy-duty cast iron grates support your sauce pans, fry pans, and other cookware. These rugged grates allow you to confidently boil, saute, and simmer as needed while effortlessly sliding even the heaviest stock pots from one burner to another. A 4 1/2" plate rail gives you a bit of extra room to work with and combines with a 9 1/2" deep back shelf that holds go-to seasonings and supplies to maximize your cooktop efficiency.

Two 30,000 BTU standard ovens make this unit even more versatile by giving you a convenient way to warm your delicious foods or even do a bit of baking for your dessert menu! The ovens' temperature can be adjusted from 250-550 degrees Fahrenheit to accommodate virtually any recipe. With 2 chrome plated racks that can be used in 4 different positions within each cavity, you can easily arrange the ovens to best complement your specific needs.

This 60" range features a rugged stainless steel front and durable aluminum sides that are not only designed to provide you with years of trouble-free performance, but are also extremely simple to clean! The cast iron grates lift off for a simple, thorough cleansing while the deep pull-out crumb tray further expedites end-of-day cleanup. And, thanks to the porcelainized bottom, maintaining a spotless oven is easier than ever. 6" adjustable stainless steel legs ensure that your unit is level and allows you to easily clean underneath for a safe and sanitary kitchen. A natural gas connection, located on the right side of the unit, is required for operation.

Overall Dimensions:

Left to Right: 60"

Front to Back: 32 5/8"

Height: 60 3/8"

Interior Dimensions:

Left to Right: 26 7/8"

Front to Back: 25 7/8"

Height: 13 7/8"

Specifications for this item
Burners 10
Net Weight 739 lbs
Total BTU B.T.U./h 304000
Brand Name Eqchen
Intake-tube Pressure (W.C.)
 Natural Gas 5
Nozzle Number
 Natural Gas NG45

【Quality Warranty】Our products are all certified in the United States, we provide 24 hours / 7 days Customer Service and 1-year prompt responses onsite services including parts & labor.  When your product has broken, we will perform “maintenance staff on-site service” within 48 hours. Make sure every item we sold in integral and have a good working condition

【10 Open Top Burners】This range boasts (10) 304,000 BTU open top burners provide stable fire for your cooking and sauteing performance to meet your restaurant's high demand. The independently-controlled burners mean you can simultaneously execute a wide variety of tasks while their 12" x 12" cast iron grates support your saucepans, fry pans, and other cookware

【2 Spacious Ovens】This burner range features 2 spacious ovens under the hotplate that allow you to warm product or make cookies, bread, and other baked goods! The temperature can be adjusted from 300-550 degrees Fahrenheit to accommodate your different needs, while 2 chrome racks in each oven can be used for optimum versatility

【Save Space】Each burner series has a convenient deep back that can be used to place seasonings, ingredients and even salamander broiler. A combination of open top burners and a spacious oven allows you maximum use of space: you can place ingredients on top, use the hot plate to fry or realize other cooking function, and use the oven to make a variety of bread or desserts

【Durable and Easy to Clean】Our burner range's front, back, sides, kick plate, back guard and high shelf are both made of high-quality stainless steel, handy kick plate helps protect internal components toward the bottom of your range while providing easy access for servicing, while the cast iron grates can be removed for simple yet thorough end of day cleaning. So this unit is very durable and easy to clean to withstand your busy kitchen's tasks and save your precious time

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