A dessert glass is ideal for serving a sweet and/or decadent treat to your guests. From mini ice cream sundaes to parfaits and mousses, you can be creative in your use of dessert glasses. They are available in different sizes and shapes, so let your imagination by your guide as you select the perfect glass for your perfect dessert creations. A cordial glass is a perfect size for an after-dinner sweet drink and a sherry glass can be a good introduction to a new bottle of sherry as an aperitif before a meal.

What are Cordial Glasses Used for?

Cordial glasses are used to serve after-dinner liqueurs and dessert wines. Though the actual bowl of the stemware is around the same size as a shot glass, the alcohol served in it is meant to be sipped. The bowl, smaller than that of a wine glass, is also used to regulate or limit the amount of alcohol each guest is served, and the dainty glass design makes for great dinner party presentation flair.

Where to buy cordial glasses and dessert glasses?

You can search on the Internet and find the nearest store around you or shop online.

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We provide a huge assortment of bar glasses in a variety of style, capacity, and material. Be sure to find perfect products to meet your needs! They are made from strong and sturdy glass that gives these products a unique appearance. Our glasses can last you more than 2,000 washes, as they are reusable and dishwasher friendly. They are also designed with thick, wide bottoms to prevent spilling. Choose dessert shot glasses for serving whiskey or other strong drinks, and also bite-sized appetizers, finger food or chef`s compliments. Dimpled walls ensure a convenient grip and hold.

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